Europe and Cyprus – a onetime shot or a model for future bailouts?

Putting surplus money in the bank to save for the future is usually a good idea. But it looks like it may soon be a detriment if you’re a saver in the European Union, as there are rumblings the same model that rescued Cyprus’s financial system may soon roll out … [more]

Has Wall Street Changed? – I think not.

We would expect Wall Street to learn something from the recent financial crisis. But it doesn’t look like it. Wall Street is playing with fire again and might even be taking bigger risks now than before the financial meltdown. One of the reasons is this: the same people that called … [more]

Toronto – large size comes with large problems

For those that have not been here regularly in the last two decades or live across the border, it may be hard to imagine that with all the large American cities, Toronto ranks fourth largest in North America. Earlier this year, it was reported that Toronto’s population has reached about … [more]

Canada’s population pyramid stacks up against the world

Canada’s 2013 age pyramid – from A population pyramid is a quick way to get a snapshot of a country’s age distribution for males and females. Canada’s age “pyramid” (it looks a bit more like an arrowhead, actually) has a bulge near the centre, where the baby boomers … [more]

Skilled workers needed

Canada recognizes the need for many different skill sets to make the economy run smoothly. While there are currently many people coming out of the country’s post secondary education system with skills such as computer programming or design, there’s a growing gap in skilled labour. In fact, a lot of … [more]

Renewable energy

When it comes to renewable energy, Canada is certainly trying, but there is lots left to do. It helps that Canada is putting in policies and incentives in place to encourage investment in renewable energy. But from my perspective the main focus must be an attitude change in the general … [more]

Building a better future for the housing market

We all watched with amazement what happened in the U.S. with the sub-prime mortgage crisis. What it came down to, in short, is that lower lending standards led to people securing larger mortgages than they could afford. Who would have thought that to be possible on such a scale? While … [more]

Canada’s financial system a model for the world

Canada’s financial system is vital to the economy, which affects all Canadians and their quality of life. Luckily, Canada has a strong financial system in place with healthy banks. In fact, the World Economic Forum has ranked Canada’s banking system as the most sound in the world for five years … [more]

Balancing books

Balancing the books is a challenge for a business, so you can imagine how difficult it would be for a country. But the Conservative government seems serious about doing just that. The country is staring down a $25 billion dollar deficit, and while the government said it might be a … [more]


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