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Canadian economy will feel the heat of Fort McMurray fires

The merciless wildfires continue to rage in Fort McMurray, Alberta, and the smoke definitely hasn’t cleared yet. However, when it does, there will be a lot to survey — including the full impact on people’s livelihoods and their futures. There will be long-term recovery from such a large-scale fire that … [more]

Should Canada take interest in adopting negative interest rates?

When you put your money in a bank, you expect some kind of return — after all, the bank is profiting from your trust. However, there’s a trend in Asia and Europe to charge “negative interest rates,” which is, amazingly, banks charging you an interest rate to essentially hold your … [more]

Why lenders are quietly raising mortgage rates

The Bank of Canada has kept its overnight lending rate to an all-time low, an unheard of 0.5 per cent, and it says it plans to keep it that way for some time. So why are some banks raising their own lending rates despite this? As many of you know … [more]

Is the TPP the key to Canada’s economic future?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership might be the most talked about item in the news right now, despite few clear details about it, because the full text hasn’t been released to the public prior to the election. The partnership — which sees a free trade agreement between 12 countries — was announced … [more]

Weakening Canadian dollar shows no interest in growing

Just when you thought the Bank of Canada’s interest rate couldn’t go any lower, it has — and with it, the Canadian dollar is taking a beating. The key lending rate is now 0.5 per cent (down from 0.75 per cent), which may sound good if you’re buying a home … [more]

Ontario is right on track with LRT investments

It seems Ontario has really gotten on board with light rail transit (LRT), taking a page from the successful LRT systems that already exist in Europe and elsewhere in the world. With projects already underway in Toronto and $1-billion commitments for LRT in other major urban centres, including Hamilton and Brampton, it … [more]

Real Estate Investment

We offer the following services: Investment Search Portfolio Mix Due Diligence Coordination Acquisition Process Supervision Financing and Syndication Optimized Presentation for Best Sale Results Kapitalanlage in Immobilien Wir bieten folgende Leistungen an: Suche nach dem richtigen Anlageobjekt für Sie Portfolio-Mix Koordinierung des so genannten Due Diligence Verfahrens … [more]


The key to a successful real estate investment is a full building generating as much income as possible. Although this is a basic ingredient to success, most Property management firms are not qualified to help with leasing. CTL Group has the expertise to liaise between owners, potential tenants and real … [more]

Revitalization and Building Phase Supervision

Revitalization & Building Phase Supervision Properties, like people, grow and change with time. CTL Group has the expertise and flexibility that enable property owners to maximize profits as their portfolios grow. The Richmond Square Complex in Toronto is one example of how CTL Group adds value to properties. This project … [more]

Portfolio Management in Different Markets

Management by Local Teams in Different Markets Managing properties in different markets can be a challenge without the right management team on your side. CTL Group has been appointed as asset manages for industrial, commercial and residential properties throughout Canada. We know the differences between communities and how to serve … [more]


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