Dissecting Southern Ontario’s Affordable Housing Crisis

Another month, another milestone. March 2017 marks yet another polarizing uptick in Toronto’s home sales statistics. The latest release from TREB notes a startling 33.2% increase in average GTA selling prices year-over year. When asked for comment, a “deeply troubled” John Tory remarked: “The dream of home ownership has to … [more]

Government spending spree will hurt our pockets for years to come

The politicians running the country and one of our nation’s biggest economies (Ontario, in particular) have spending tendencies that echo the name of their party: Liberal. Let’s start by looking at the provincial Liberals. Keep in mind that according to recent numbers, the province’s net debt load is expected to … [more]

Germany’s biggest bank on the brink of collapse?

Perhaps we’ve been paying too much attention to buzzwords such as “economic slowdown” and “recession” in North America for the past few years, which has caused us to take our eyes off a possibly bigger problem in Europe. It hasn’t been very long since the Greek debt crisis that all but … [more]

Should Canada take interest in adopting negative interest rates?

When you put your money in a bank, you expect some kind of return — after all, the bank is profiting from your trust. However, there’s a trend in Asia and Europe to charge “negative interest rates,” which is, amazingly, banks charging you an interest rate to essentially hold your … [more]

Canadians giving more, but not from the younger generations

Canada is sometimes criticized for being a country that has no true identity of its own. However, perhaps that is our country’s identity — a sum of its parts, a generous nation that welcomes immigrants as well as supports them abroad. However, will that hold true with future generations? The … [more]

Why lenders are quietly raising mortgage rates

The Bank of Canada has kept its overnight lending rate to an all-time low, an unheard of 0.5 per cent, and it says it plans to keep it that way for some time. So why are some banks raising their own lending rates despite this? As many of you know … [more]

Weakening Canadian dollar shows no interest in growing

Just when you thought the Bank of Canada’s interest rate couldn’t go any lower, it has — and with it, the Canadian dollar is taking a beating. The key lending rate is now 0.5 per cent (down from 0.75 per cent), which may sound good if you’re buying a home … [more]

Low gas prices fuelling job losses in Alberta

For the average Canadian, lower gas prices are good news. After all, most of us still rely on our vehicles, and a dip in prices at the pump means saving a lot of money down the road. But while many people see lower gas prices as a win, the … [more]

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