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Canadian economy will feel the heat of Fort McMurray fires

The merciless wildfires continue to rage in Fort McMurray, Alberta, and the smoke definitely hasn’t cleared yet. However, when it does, there will be a lot to survey — including the full impact on people’s livelihoods and their futures. There will be long-term recovery from such a large-scale fire that … [more]

Canadians giving more, but not from the younger generations

Canada is sometimes criticized for being a country that has no true identity of its own. However, perhaps that is our country’s identity — a sum of its parts, a generous nation that welcomes immigrants as well as supports them abroad. However, will that hold true with future generations? The … [more]

Trudeau must avoid soft approach to hard political decisions

So Canadians have spoken, and we have a new leader … but is he the right leader? Obviously he has appeal for a younger generation of voters, but you need more than appeal to successfully run a country. Let’s look at the past legacy of Stephen Harper, and ahead to … [more]

Is the TPP the key to Canada’s economic future?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership might be the most talked about item in the news right now, despite few clear details about it, because the full text hasn’t been released to the public prior to the election. The partnership — which sees a free trade agreement between 12 countries — was announced … [more]

Getting serious about Syria’s refugee crisis

You can scarcely turn on the news these days without seeing something about Syrians fleeing the horror of conflict — made all the more real by the recent haunting image of a Syrian toddler who died when his family tried to flee the genocide to the shores of Greece. The tragedy … [more]

Low gas prices fuelling job losses in Alberta

For the average Canadian, lower gas prices are good news. After all, most of us still rely on our vehicles, and a dip in prices at the pump means saving a lot of money down the road. But while many people see lower gas prices as a win, the … [more]

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