Skilled workers needed

Canada recognizes the need for many different skill sets to make the economy run smoothly. While there are currently many people coming out of the country’s post secondary education system with skills such as computer programming or design, there’s a growing gap in skilled labour.

In fact, a lot of sources are saying the gap in skilled labour is a looming crisis. The answer? Canada is tapping into the vast network of foreign workers, and is creating a new program called The Federal Skilled Trades Program that is weighing heavily on the labour force’s shoulders. It encourages foreign workers who wish to become permanent residents to bring their skills to Canada.  Those workers are required to meet the required language skills in English or French (Quebec chooses its own foreign skilled workers).

The type of workers Canada is seeking under the plan includes machinists, electricians, plumbers, crane operators and more.

But especially in demand are skilled workers in the Western provinces, where there’s an obvious industrial boom happening related to its oil sands. In response, a temporary foreign worker program was initiated in 2012 to fill skilled labour gaps specific to Alberta. Under the federal program, Citizenship and Immigration Canada can issue an occupation-specific work permit it temporary foreign workers in the steamfitter-pipefitter trades, along with welders, millwrights, carpenters and more.

Perhaps it’s a bigger problem regarding the lack of interest from Canadian students taking up trades, but Ottawa seems to be listening to the provinces for a satisfactory solution while providing valuable work experience to newcomers.