Canada is smart to get into redbacks

C.J. Gavsie, BMO Capital Markets’ head of foreign exchange products, had an interesting proposition recently in the National Post.  Gavsie suggested that a key way for Canada to increase its exports to China, the world’s second largest economy behind the US, is to open a trading hub. This would make … [more]

Stop! Canadian housing prices may be grinding to a halt

With housing pricing looking like they are constantly continuing to rise it may be hard to believe that they could come to a stop, but analysts are warning that might just be the case. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) prices are likely to slow in the fourth … [more]

Canada’s provincial trade barriers – they’ve got to go

Brad Wall, the Premier of Saskatchewan, is charting the right course in leading a call  for an end to trade barriers between provinces. There’s no need for the Canadian economy to lose out up $50 billion a year – we are all one country. While provinces do compete against each … [more]

A national securities regulator – essential for Canada to maintain its global reputation

Canada’s banking and financial system is considered one of the best in the world. Why this is has been proven time and time again since the 2008 global financial crisis. It’s our strong national regulations that keep our banking system running well. Therefore it is a bit disconcerting that the … [more]

The Election – Ontarians not ready for a Conservative reality check

When I look back at the recent provincial election I do not see it as a victory for Kathleen Wynne and the policies of the Ontario Liberal Party. Instead, I see it as Ontarians being unprepared for the reality check that Tim Hudak and the Conservative Party put forward and … [more]

Mortgages Looking Good for Canadians Right Now

According to a recent report by DBRS, it has never been easier for a Canadian to pay his or her mortgage than right now. Rates are relatively low anywhere from 1.99 per cent for a variable mortgage to 3 per cent if you choose to lock in your interest … [more]

Quebec’s Liberal Party victory – good for Canada, maybe not so good for oil & gas

The election of the Quebec Liberal Party last month has generally been viewed as a “good thing” for the Canadian economy. And on a macro level it is. The election has put an end to any talk of another sovereignty referendum and it helped boost the Canadian dollar – both … [more]

Joe Oliver – an appropriate successor to Finance Minister Flaherty

When Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced last month that he was stepping down there was fear that the Harper government wouldn’t be able to replace him. Thankfully the government had a natural successor in the wings in the person of Natural Resources Minister, Joe Oliver. Oliver is a familiar name to … [more]

Interest rates aren’t rising yet but builders are already tightening the reigns

The Bank of Canada decided at the start of March not to raise interest rates, but Canada’s housing market is already becoming cautious. The country saw a slight pickup in housing starts in February but economists are still predicting the market will cool this year. According to an earlier February report … [more]

Is unemployment on the rise again?

In the last month of 2013, the Canadian economy lost 45,900 jobs raising our unemployment rate to 7.2 per cent from 6.9 per cent according to Statistics Canada (StatsCan). It’s a serious blow to the confidence of Canadians considering the original StatsCan prediction was that the country would gain 14,000 … [more]


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